Celebrities who owe back taxes?

Here are 10 examples of celebrities who were arrested for not paying taxes, Pete Rose. If the gambling problems that resulted in a lifetime ban on baseball weren't enough, fiscal problems have also plagued the leader of all-time hits in the baseball career. We've compiled some of Hollywood's biggest offenders. From Nicolas Cage to Christie Brinkley, see which stars had the most money problems with the IRS.

Crime is easy (and relatively rare): celebrities go to jail. But if celebrities can't pay back taxes in a civil case through bank accounts or by liquidating assets, the resolution can be creative. The IRS took a percentage of Mike Tyson's prize fight entry. Willie Nelson toured to pay the tax collector.

And Wesley Snipes' acting fees went directly to the government until his debt was paid. Although he was arrested a couple of times on shoddy charges, such as contempt of court and possession of a concealed weapon (he once said, “You can go much further with a kind word and a gun than with a single kind word”). Although he only paid taxes on a measly and legitimate annual income, he lived like the king he was. Where did the money come from and why hadn't I paid taxes for it? When the federal government asked this question, Capone was jailed for 11 years, of which he served seven and a half years.

Although he was only 40 years old at the time of his release, Capone's brain was plagued by syphilis and he never returned to Chicago. The United States Secretary of the Treasury is the leader of US fiscal policy, a position at the cabinet level and fifth in line for the presidency. He or she can do interesting things, such as make money. The appointment of a Secretary of the Treasury depends on confirmation by the Senate.

After three years of service, Fleiss made public its plans to open a (legal) brothel for female employees and clients in Pahrump, Nev. In his defense, Cage did the legal equivalent of smiling, shrugging his shoulders, and apologizing for the errors of his accountants, of which he was not aware. People magazine quotes Cage accusing his business manager of lining his pockets with several million dollars in business management fees, while sending Cage down the path of financial ruin. The fiscal problem cost Cage a Bavarian castle and houses in Las Vegas, California and New Orleans.

Critics loved the remake, and Garland seemed poised to re-emerge after personal and professional problems, including a drug habit and several husbands. The studio then recorded half an hour of filming so that cinemas could host five or six screenings in one day instead of three or four. The cuts were an obvious success and critics rebelled, screening the new version and condemning the film to Dante's circle of Hell reserved for major failures such as Waterworld and All the King's Men. Unfortunately, Garland had returned to spending like a star, and when the tax bill was due, he simply couldn't pay.

He repeated the financial mistake when it seemed that he had gotten out of debt with a weekly television program considered the biggest talent business in television history, only to have the show canceled after one season. IRS problems are actually much more common than you think. In this sense, too, celebrities are like us when it comes to IRS matters. We've all heard at least one story of a celebrity who has been slapped with a huge tax bill.

And while many of these problems can be resolved with a good lawyer and a reasonable proposal to the omnipresent government agency, it can still be worrying if a tax lien comes to your front door. These 10 celebrities faced Uncle Sam at one point or another in their careers. This is how it worked for each of them. Not even Beyoncé's sister is safe from the exaggerated arm of the IRS.

But he later told Essence that it was all a “misunderstanding,” and he later got his right of retention removed when he proved that he was not a California resident. While it may seem that tax problems are isolated from ordinary people, the reality is that even famous people also have problems with the IRS. When it comes to paying taxes, the IRS doesn't care what position or how many fans you have. There have been many famous tax evaders in the United States.

Keep reading to meet 5 famous people who owed the IRS a large sum of money. Chances are you recognize most of these names. Martha Stewart has been on television and magazine covers for a long time, but that wasn't enough to keep the IRS off her back. Not only did she not pay taxes on her home in New York, but she lied to federal investigators about her stock investments, leading her to serve 18 months in prison.

Too bad I couldn't invent a way out of it. What can we learn from these celebrities who avoid taxes? Report all your income to the IRS. He dodged jail time and paid the debt within a year, allowing him to avoid parole, according to CBS News. However, it must have been his numerous movie appearances that made him forget his debts to the IRS in the early 2000s.

Prosecutors said they owed taxes on the sale of the company's main brands to Luxembourg-based Gado in 2004, according to the business-focused newspaper. Wesley Snipes, one of the most famous famous tax evaders, received the worst the IRS could give out. And while celebrities often lead privileged lives because of their wealth and status, the IRS doesn't roll out the red carpet for the elite. .